Open Source Digital Signage network - With piSignage open-source server

Open Source Digital Signage network -  With piSignage open-source server

piSignage is a lean, scalable Digital Signage solution powered by Raspberry Pi ideal for businesses of all sizes. While its scalability and reliability makes it ideal for large projects, the best in industry pricing makes it cost effective even for small enterprises. The player licence costs a one time fee of 25$, while hosted service is charged at less then 2$ per player per month. For more details on pricing please refer here.

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We also provide open source version of the digital signage server software. This enables you to create and manage your own signage network without subscribing for the hosted service at

This feature is popular among customers who want to host the signage server within their local network. You can also customise the server software as per your requirement. We can help you build those customised features on demand at a cost.

The open source version of the digital signage server software we provide is based on the node.js,mongodb and AngularJS/BootStrap for the front end UI. It can be deployed as it is on any server after installing the needed packages as outlined in README document. All you need is piSignage player licenses, 3 of which you get free upon signup at You can buy more licenses at one time fee of US$25 per player.

The user interface for the open source server is different from UI at but most of the features available in hosted version are also available with the open source edition. Features like user management, reports section and a few others are available only in the hosted version. Please refer to server release notes to know more.

piSignage open-source edition is also ideal for deploying in local networks where the players are not connected to Internet due to security reasons or cost implications(like in ships). We have assisted customers in developing additional modules for use cases like coach number displays, ticket booking displays, offline displays, token management applications, IoT terminals & more. Please Contact us for more details.

You can get started with open-source server by visiting pisignage-server repository at github. Readme file there provides the detailed instructions on how to setup and get the server running. Feel free to contact us or mail us at for any queries or use cases you have in mind. Best part is you can signup for free and find out yourself about the simplicity of piSignage & how it can meet your signage needs. With every signup you get 3 player licences and 3 subscriptions free at

Please use the comment section below to write how you are using open-source edition.