Products and Team

Products and Team

piSignage suite of products include

  1. Players
    a. Raspberry Pi (all models)
    b. Chrome app (best for Chrome OS based devices)
    c. Chromecast (needs to "cast" the app on poweron)
    d. Ubuntu based player for Intel platforms (planned)
    e. Apps for Apple TV, Fire TV(in the roadmap)
  2. Server Software
    a. Hosted service at
    b. Open sourced server
    c. White-labelled server hosted at local premises
  3. Player remote apps
    a. Chrome and Android apps to control players over local network
    b. TV UI to play content and manage player from remote control device (in the roadmap)
  4. Solutions based on piSignage products
    We have built various IoT solutions for clients based on Raspberry Pi and pisignage-server, contact us for more details.

piSignage is backed by Colloqi which is solely focussed on piSignage products. Our previous experiences include web & node.js technologies, offering cloud solutions based on AWS & AngularJS/React apps, development of embedded & networking devices, digital signage solutions.

piSignage is built on top of node.js server. It uses standard and time tested modules like wget, websocket, omxplayer, chromium-browser to offer performance and reliability. The server is hosted at Amazon.

We will be happy to hear from you and answer any queries at or contactus.