piSignage offers assured Best in market pricing. Our subscription plans are structured in a way as to meet every need. More than anything, our plans are simple.

Once you sign up with piSignage account you get 2 managed licenses free. And this will be for lifetime. ie every  subsequent year we will be adding enough credits to manage these 2 free  players for a year. If you need more than  2 player licenses, the pricing structure is explained below.


If you want a hassle free experience of managing your displays centrally/remotely , you just need a managed licence. With every managed licence  you get 1 Player licence and a 1 year hosting subscription.  This hosting subscription is given in the form of credits.  1 year hosting subscription gives you 12 credits with every registered player using 1 credit per month.

S0 with a  managed license now at a special price of 35$ you get 1 player license worth 25$ and 12 credits worth 20$ with which you can manage your player for 12 months.

Note: There is no direct link between a player and a licence. You can remove a registered  player, add a new player etc. As long as the number of players registered in an account  are equal to number of licences issued to that account, you will have a fully functional piSignage setup.


Once your players have utilised  the credits you got bundled with a managed license, you need to only buy credits. For 20$ you get 12 credits.

Again note that there there is no link of any kind between the registered  players and credits you bought. The math is simple.

With 12 credits you can manage 1 player for 12 months, 2 players for 6 months and so on. Every registered player will utilise 1 credit/month. So just buy credits as per your need and convenience.

So if  you have 4 registered players and decide to buy a Subscription licence for 20$ , then you will get 12 credits with which you can manage those 4 players for 3 months.


People who use Open Source version of piSignage server do not need hosting subscription. You can just buy player licence for a one time fee of 25$ and  manage these players from your server.

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