Digital Signage for all - The piSignage Advantage

Digital Signage for all - The piSignage Advantage

Digital Signages are the preferred choice today for drawing attention to your message or engaging your target audience. It is equally applicable to corporates or local mom & pop retail stores. Here we highlight some features which make piSignage ideal for your signage needs.

Off-the-shelf player Hardware

With piSignage you can design your own Digital Signage network with easily available off the shelf hardware . The piSignage software is specially built to run on Raspberry Pi based player which is available at very affordable cost. The software also runs on other platforms like ChromeOS Devices(ChromeBox, ChromeBit), Intel NUC and ChromeCast. Recently we have introduced Progressive Web App which can run on Android and IOS devices. Choose the hardware as per your needs and budget, install piSignage software and manage the players at

Manage multi-location network centrally

With hosted service at, you can control all your players at various locations, centrally from your browser. The intuitive and easy to use - user interface of piSignage lets you effortlessly control the entire digital signage network from a single computer(White label and open source server options are also available). The workflow just involves uploading assets or adding links, create playlists and schedule playlists to players under groups.

Full HD and support for HTML5 content

piSignage can support full HD(1080p or 720p) videos and HTML5 content. Grab your customers attention with HD quality content.

Ease Of Creation and Sourcing of Content

Digital signages are only as good as their content. Better the content, better the customer engagement. piSignage does not demand you to learn new tools to create content. Use the tools you are already familiar with like PowerPoint, photoshop. Finally export the content as videos,images or PDF and upload to piSignage server. You can add links to load Dashboards, Youtube & other web videos, live streaming urls, RSS Tickers,media RSS and so on.

We also provide REST apis so that you can integrate either piSignage server or player with your application.

All the features you need and nothing more

piSignage has many inbuilt features to ensure you can deploy it the way you need.

  • There are multiple layout options, which allows you to divide your display into multiple zones and present different content in each Zone.
  • It has options that lets you manage players in groups.
  • You can create different playlists and schedule them under groups for different days and times.
  • You can schedule TV on/off either in playlists or at group level, insert advertisements, RSS tickers, messages and many more.

piSignage also works offline after downloading the content. If the network is broken, download resumes from where it has left.

We are constantly listening to you and include features what our customers ask. Please write to us at

Best in Industry Pricing

piSignage is very competitively priced to make sure that our digital signage solution caters to businesses of all size. The player licence costs one time fee of 25$ ,While the hosted service is charged at 2$ per player per month. For more details refer here.

piSignage players are proven to be reliable, scalable and easy-to-manage over the last few years. It is suited for all sizes of enterprises and cuts the unnecessary layers of management, features and puts you in direct control of your signage network.

piSignage is used by thousands of users for video streaming, menu-boards, dash-boards, corporate communications, in-house communications in schools, resorts, hotels, churches and many more use cases since 2014 .

What's more, Sign-up to get 3 managed licences (ie 3 player licences + hosting service for the three players at for one year) free.