We constantly look at the difficulties faced by our customers in using piSignage and strive to ease the situation. In that effort, we are making some changes to licensing and cost of purchase.

We hope you like it and please feel free to share your opinions at support@pisignage.com!

1. Auto credit of player license when a player is removed from service

One of major support call we attend is to credit the player licenses back to the account for the players which have been removed from service (i.e. you delete the player under settings). Soon, with the new server release we will automatically reduce the "User Licenses" count when a player is deleted. This can be used to register the new player.

Till we add a UI for "player only licenses", users of open-source server users, please continue to write to us at support@pisignage.com for redemption.

With this feature, we are reducing the number of free licenses to 2 (from exiting 3) for new signups. This will not effect the existing users who will continue to enjoy 3 free licenses & subscriptions.

2. Reduction in price for managed licenses from $45 to $35

To ease the burden for first year player purchase which included both player license and subscription cost, we have reduced the price from $45 to $35 when you purchase a managed license. The player license price remains at $25 one time and subscription renewal cost remains at $20 per annum. We hope you like this change and support piSignage even more!

Good news for April buyers! We will add 6 player-month credits worth $10 to every managed player purchased from April 1,2018.

3. What are we working on now?

We constantly re-visit our code and features to ease/streamline narrow-casting and signage functions for your usage scenario. We are also working on offering GPU-enabled playlists to reduce the transition gaps between two assets, offering piSignage on Android-TV and tools to ease the template creations.

We always looking for suggestions from you to make piSignage the preferred choice of yours! Thank You.