Displaying PowerPoint content in piSignage

Displaying  PowerPoint content in piSignage

Lot of our clients are comfortable creating content to be displayed on signages using PowerPoint but PPT files have a proprietary format and thus cannot be uploaded directly as an asset in piSignage. The solution is to create PPT in required dimension and export these slides as Images or Videos.

Each PPT slide as an Image

Using SAVE AS option save each PPT slide as an image (gif, jpeg, png are some of the formats supported) and upload these as assets in piSignage. Refer here to learn about changing the Resolution of the images created by exporting PPT Slides.
If you need the display to have a flow instead of images abruptly changing, you can create a video out of your PPT slides.

Entire PPT presentation as a Video

If you have Designed your ppt in such a way where there are transition effects and animations between changing slides, Then you can save the entire presentation as an video.(Just make sure you have appropriately choosen the time each has Slide to be displayed before transitioning into next). Signage content will be more engaging if uploaded as videos.
Read this article to know more about exporting PPT as video.

piSignage supports mp4 video format and image formats jpg, jpeg, png, gif & bmp.

Displaying Images with Transition effects

This method is also useful when you have set of images you want displayed on your Digital Signage but also want to make your Display a bit more interesting. Instead of the images changing one after another abruptly, you can upload these images onto PPT, Add transition effects between slides and any other edits you need. Export this file as a video and upload the video asset Instead of individul image assets. Now instead of images abruptly appearing one after another, The display will have a nice flow.

Note : piSignage offers different layouts for display. For example to create an asset for a single layout display ( ie layout 1 ) in a widescreen tv (16:9), make sure you create a PPT in the dimension 16:9.