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White labeled Digital signage Server Software

To help businesses build their own cloud controlled Digital Signage networks with personal branding like for eg. a custom Domain name , customized logo etc, we provide a white labeled version of piSignage server software.

The white label server by default contains all the features, which are available, when you host players with an account at pisignage.com . But The server software can also be Customized to meet your specific requirements. for example The web app interface can be tuned to meet your needs. You can also create multiple users to manage the network with various degrees of access.

white label digital signage software

The server software has an Annual license fee which will cover installation, updates & support of the software during the license period.

Displaying PowerPoint in Digital Signages

Lot of our clients are comfortable creating content to be displayed on signages using PowerPoint but PPT files have a proprietary format and thus cannot be uploaded directly as an asset in piSignage. The solution is to create PPT in required dimension and export these slides as Images or Videos.

Each PPT slide as an Image

Using SAVE AS option save each PPT slide as an image (gif, jpeg, png are some of the formats supported) and upload these as assets in piSignage. Refer here to learn about changing the Resolution of the images created by exporting PPT Slides.
If you need the display to have a flow instead of images abruptly changing, you can create a video out of

Play Facebook livestreams & other videos on your Signage screens with piSignage

You can display facebook livestreamed videos on your Screens with piSignage. In fact you can play any facebook video by uploading the video url as an asset.In this writeup you will learn in detail the steps involved. The steps explained below are applicable both for displaying direct livestreams and uploaded videos.

  1. Find the video in facebook(livestream or uploaded).
  2. Play the video.
  3. Right click on the video click Show video URL ,Copy the URL that is displayed and paste it in a new TAB.
  4. Edit this URL by changing www. to an m. making the video mobile version. ( eg www.abc.com/xyz to m.abc.com/xyz) and press ENTER.
  5. Play the video. On right click select the

Groups in piSignage- A simple way to Control Multiple players.

Every Time you register a player in your piSignage account it is assigned to a group, The Default group, unless you specify the group. You can create any number of groups as per your requirement. The Advantage of GROUPs here is that any change made to the GROUP will be reflected in all the PLAYERS belonging to the group, saving you from the work of having to operate each player individually.
The GROUP functionality allows you to

  • Select a Default playlist for the all players belonging to the group.
  • Include Additional playlists and schedule their time of display in advance.
  • Select the ticker for the group players.
  • Edit other Group Settings like playlist Animation, Asset Stretch , TV Schedule OFF

5 Reasons why Raspberry Pi makes an ideal digital signage player

Raspberry Pi makes an excellent platform for a digital signage player given its footprint, cost, reliability, availability and performance.

1. Cost effective hardware

Various studies point that digital screens result in increased consumer engagement compared to conventional display boards. Hence digital signages are becoming a smart investment even for small shops and retailers. Raspberry Pi kits typically cost under $70 and make a compelling proposition to switch to digital networked screens.

2. Credit card sized super performer

Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized mini-computer which is very reliable and completely solid state (no moving parts like hard-disk) and can run without fan. Our piSignage Digital Signage players have been running for months without rebooting and practically not seen any board