AUTHOR: Ravi Bail

Everything about piSignage - how tos, use cases, technology, benefits

Streaming and web links in piSignage

piSignage players support various formats of content to be played. The content can be added as a file which is downloaded to the player and then played from the local media folder(supports offline operation). The content can also be added as a URL in which case content is played directly from the source (browser may cache the url content, This feature can be disabled under Group settings). In addition content such as boot-up video, welcome screen, custom layouts are also uploaded to the server under Assets tab.

This post explains what type of links are supported by piSignage. In all the cases you add the links under Assets tab as shown.

URL Types in piSignage

Products and Team

piSignage suite of products include

  1. Players
    a. Raspberry Pi (all models)
    b. Chrome app (best for Chrome OS based devices)
    c. Chromecast (needs to "cast" the app on poweron)
    d. Ubuntu based player for Intel platforms (planned)
    e. Apps for Apple TV, Fire TV(in the roadmap)
  2. Server Software
    a. Hosted service at
    b. Open sourced server
    c. White-labelled server hosted at local premises
  3. Player remote apps
    a. Chrome and Android apps to control players over local network
    b. TV UI to play content and manage player from remote control device (in the roadmap)
  4. Solutions based on piSignage products
    We have built various IoT solutions for clients based on Raspberry Pi


piSignage was developed in early 2014 to enable people to build their own signage solutions based on Raspberry Pi. Since then piSignage is being used by thousands of users for various use cases including video distribution, signage offering, dashboards, notice boards, menu boards etc.

The Raspberry Pi is a series of small single-board computers developed in the United Kingdom by the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

piSignage provides both player software (for Rapberry Pi, ChromeOS and soon Ubuntu) and server solutions to manage these players. is a hosted service to manage these players for a fee of US$ 2 per month per player.The player software needs a license to run and costs one time of US$ 25.For more